Xpress Reality

Feb 4


Polka Dots & Houndstooth

Taking garments and accessories out of their original context is one of the things that inspires me the most when it comes to menswear. This is something I’m constantly looking out for in new collections or simply by observing stylish individuals on the street. As menswear “rules” bend more and more, so do the limits of creativity and mixing and matching. 

Bowties are no longer the epitome of formality nor limited to tuxedos…as a matter of fact, this is precisely one of the pieces I love dressing down with a relaxed candy striped oxford shirt and a pair of worn out jeans. A cashmere cardigan with contrasting houndstooth elbow patches and a reversible gillet add the final details to a casual, put together weekend attire…

Details: reversible gillet by Zara, houndstooth elbow patched cardigan by Annapurna 5+1, candy stripe oxford button down by Our Legacy, jeans by Levi’s (511), polka dot bowtie by Add On, cashmere scarf by Burberry, vintage braided leather belt and watch by Daniel Wellington.

I really like this.